Hang Time With Anthony Kelley of The Gambler – The Gambler on DVD and Blu Ray April 28th

Anthony Kelley

I recall seeing previews for the Gambler and thinking, “I definitely plan on seeing this  movie.”   Well, I missed it while it was in theaters, but definitely plan on seeing it on DVD tomorrow, April 28th.

While watching the trailer and putting this movie on my “must see list,” I had no idea that I would have the opportunity to interview and spend a day of fun with an up and coming actor, Anthony Kelley at Dave and Busters Hollywood.

Anthony Kelley portrays Lamar Alan.  This is Kelley’s first acting role, but he is no stranger to being on the court.  He played high school and college basketball and when it was time to audition for this role, he was the one that stood out.  There’s no wondering why this young man was selected for the part of Lamar Alan.  Aside from having strong basketball skills, he is charismatic, engaging and humble.

After his uncle told him there was an open casting to portray Lamar Alan, Kelley then a college student reluctantly drove from the San Fernando Valley to Watts to audition and surprisingly landed the role. Being selected to act in a film is exciting, but The Gambler included a cast of A list celebrities like Mark Walhberg, Jessica Lange and John Goodman.  Kelley, a young college student, who woke up one day, did not expect for his life to change in an instant. He is now playing in a film with some of the best actors in Hollywood.  Kelley says that he and Mark Wahlberg connected pretty well.  Wahlberg was accessible and offered many pointers.  He told him to kind of let it flow and let it come to you. Don’t try to over act. Don’t try to over sell it.  Put yourself in that situation and really dig deep and react how you normally would.

I am suspecting some of the pointers have paid off well because, Kelley stated that he may have three movies on the table.

Although, Kelley is now an actor, he continues to play basketball.  He says, ” I still hoop everyday like I am going to the NBA.  I take it seriously.  We work out.  I always rally up all of my boys and we just take it serious.  But, right now it is taking a backseat.”

After our interview it was game time.  I brought my son along with me who initially came to play games, but after sitting in on the interview he was intrigued by Kelley’s story and could not wait to challenge him in a game of hoops.  By this time we all had loosened up and he was just Anthony.  I thought he was very down to earth in the interview, but he was even more down to earth when it came time to play.  Initially he stood on the sidelines, cheering everyone on and then he partook in the game with high fives, laughs and smiles.

Shooting Hoops with Anthony Kelley

I am sure Anthony could have beat us all shooting hoops; in which he did, but there was a time or two he did not win.  I do not know if he was being a gentleman, but he lost a couple of times.  When it came to challenging my son (my son would saying versing him) Anthony won.  My son was fine with this because, he was happy to play.  He wanted Anthony to play hard.

Hanging out with Anthony Kelley was so much fun.  My son is asking to see the film when he is old enough.  I have agreed to allow him to  see parts with Anthony and that is it.  He has seen snippets of Anthony on the court in this film and is looking forward to seeing them again.

If you have not seen The Gambler be sure to pick up the DVD, April 28th.

Anthony Kelley and my son.

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