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My daughter Ari of Chic Definition also owns a baby sitting service and she always shares the funniest stories with me.

She watches this one three year old, girl that makes the funniest statements or  goes in a round about way to find out what she wants to know.  Not knowing that Ari knows what she is doing or asking.

As they sat talking yesterday this was their conversation.

Little girl:  Ari, let me see your diamond.  

Ari sat thinking, she knows I do not have a diamond.  She then proceeds to show her the Swarovski band she wears.

Ari:  See here’s my diamond.

Little girl:  You don’t have a diamond on there.

Ari:  Yeah, I know.

Little girl: Well…then Ari why aren’t you married?

Ari:  Well… I am young and I have so much more time.

Little girl:  You don’t look very young.

Ari:  Okay…

Ari does not look old, she looks like the typical college student.  I guess to a three year old, she is an old maid.

Minutes later the little girl sits looking around and this was the conversation.  Mind you they were the only two in the room.

Little girl:  Umm, who can spin this for me?  (Spin her dradle)

Ari:  Do you want me to spin it for you?  I can do it.

Then Ari proceeded to spin it and it fell after two seconds.  The little girl holds her mouth.

Little girl:  Oops, maybe because you are not Jewish.

Ari: Yeap, I think that’s it.

This little girl has been so concerned that Ari is not Jewish, so she likes to point out that she is not Jewish.  It’s not in a mean way, she just wants everyone to be Jewish.

Happy Friday!
Don’t be afraid to be free!!!

23 Freedom Friday -  Babysitting Adventures - @chic_definition