Dial Miracle Oil Review – Clean Your Skin With New Dial Miracle Oil Soap

Dial%2BMiracle%2BOil Dial Miracle Oil Review - Clean Your Skin With New Dial Miracle Oil Soap

With all of the many things I do throughout the day, I would say I wash my hands at least 15- 20 times a day and using a good hand soap is important to me.

I have been using New Dial Miracle Oil Soap for the past couple of weeks.  The moment I used the soap, I felt the smooth texture of Marula Oil.  It does not have a strong oil feel or watered down.  It is kind of like silk.   It immediately softened my hands which kept them hydrated.

I have found that after washing my hands with this soap,  I do not have to use as much lotion.  The problem arises when I am away from home and wash my hands somewhere that does not have a hydrating soap.  That is when I can really feel the difference. My hands feel dry and I am piling on the lotion.

When using Dial Miracle Oil Soap I pump twice and it lathers up nicely allowing a sweet, soft scent that freshens my hands and the bathroom.

This soap works so well I can smell and feel it after my son has washed his hands.  The other night he came out of the bathroom and immediately came over to hug and kiss me.  He is usually good about washing his hands, but this time I was able to tell he had not.  As he touched me I said, “Go back and wash your hands.” I did not smell the now familiar scent of Dial Miracle Oil Soap nor  did I feel the extra softness on his hands. He looked at me, turned around and washed his hands.

Although I like the hydration and scent of this soap, I also like that it protects your skin from skin-damaging free radicals.

It is not often I find a soap that I really like.  New Dial Miracle Oil Soap is now one of my favorite soaps.  I say one of my favorites because, there are other Dial soaps I really like, but this one is at the top of my list.

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