Organic Cosmetics Mascara Review – Recommended Mascaras

masacara Organic Cosmetics Mascara Review - Recommended Mascaras

I was so excited yesterday because, I was finally able to wear my Organic Cosmetics Mascara.  My allergies have been so bad that I have not wanted to wear any eye make up.

masacara Organic Cosmetics Mascara Review - Recommended Mascaras
Mascara a few hours after applying it.

I have rather curly lashes and wish they were a lot longer.  After weeks of wearing nothing I would settle for my short, curly lashes any day; just as long as my eyes popped after putting on mascara.  Aside from trying to look good, I definitely needed  Organic Cosmetics because, the sensitivity my eyes were feeling from the high winds.

Organic Cosmetics mascara is  100% pure and natural long-wearing organic Lash Explosion Ultra Lengthening Mascara that is made from all natural ingredients and infused with conditioning organics.

I actually fell in love this long-lash mascara that  coats,thickens, and lengthens lashes.   It does not seem to have the same moisture as other mascaras, but it does work well.

My lashes were popping after three coats to each eye.  I could have applied more to enhance them a little bit more, but I was a bit squemish about applying so much, since my allergies were flaring up.  While I applied the mascara it did not clump.  I do know that I could have added several coats and my eyes would have look really good, but I was fine with the three coats,

The brush has a slight bend that went perfectly with my lashes.  My lashes did not look too much longer, but I did notice a slight difference.

I usually carry make up with me, but I forgot it at home yesterday and was unable to touch it up.  After a few hours of wearing it my eyes still looked good.

Despite the high winds, watery, itchy eyes I was pleased with my new mascara.  I may felt bad, but my lashes looked good.

Update:  After using this product for a couple of weeks, the mascara did seem as though it dried out.  I always made sure the bottle was tightened.  I did not get much use out this mascara.

Disclosure:Product/compensation was received in exchange for review.
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masacara Organic Cosmetics Mascara Review - Recommended Mascaras