Review – The Dovekeepers A CBS Mini Series


The%2BDovekeepers Review - The Dovekeepers A CBS Mini Series

I have watched many Biblical movies and mini series, but never like  The Dovekeepers.   The Dovekeepers is a mini series airing tonight and Wednesday on CBS at 9pm. It is a fictionalized version of history that tells the story of two women Shirah and Yael who were outcasts.

These woman posses many qualities, but what stood out most were strength and weakness.

Both women show signs of strength by being able to deal with things that may have challenged them mentally, physically and spiritually.  Never did they waiver from their believes.  Nor did they the waiver from their loved ones.  They protected their families by any means necessary.

Like many women they showed signs of weakness for falling for married men.  It takes a weak woman to bed a man and have children with him all the while continuing to disrespect his marriage.

The%2BDovekeepers Review - The Dovekeepers A CBS Mini Series

I had to remind myself this was fictional.  The acting was well done. They had me very upset.  The Dovekeepers does focus on these woman while the Romans and Jews are fighting, but I could not stop thinking of these woman and their indiscretions.

One might say aside from strength and weakness, signs of courage was revealed as well.  I think the most couragous of them all was Aziza,  Shirah’s daughter.  She is a  fearless warrior from the beginning until the end.  I do believe Shirah’s teachings and believes aided her daughter in being a woman of strength and courage.    Although, it seemed Shirah was lacking in morals she tried to instill proper believes in her children.

The%2BDovekeepers Review - The Dovekeepers A CBS Mini Series

The Dovekeepers was definitely different.  By the end of the the series, I began to not think of people during that time in such a conservative way.  I had to think these people were human and this sort of behavior did not just begin.

Again, The Dovekeepers airs tonight on CBS at 9 p.m.

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