Mommy’s Bliss Kids Upset Tummy & Nausea Relief Review

Mommy Mommy's Bliss Kids Upset Tummy & Nausea Relief Review

I thought I had gotten through the flu season without anyone having a tummy ache in my home. Well, I was wrong.  A couple of weeks ago my son and daughter had tummy ache’s and I turned to Mommy’s Bliss.

I know Mommy’s Bliss is for children.  Well, my daughter is 20 and she had a stomach ache.  It was too late to go to the store and she did not want to drink ginger tea.  I told her all I had was Mommy’s Bliss, but it was for children.  She did not care she just wanted some relief.  I gave her two single packets.  I thought that would do the trick.  She actually took one and went to bed.  The next day she felt better.  She says she believes with a combination of rest and Mommy’s Bliss it may have helped.  Yes, she said it ‘may’ have helped.  From what I could tell it did help.

The following week my 9 year old son came into my room insisting I give him something for his tummy.  This kid never gets sick.  I gave him a packet of Mommy’s Bliss.  It was easy for him to open.  I did not have to worry about measuring anything.  Actually he was on his own.  He opened the pack, poured and swallowed.  Like my daughter he went to sleep and woke up feeling fine.

Now, I can say I really think it works. I have not heard any complaints from either of them.  I know the product is made with children in mind, but clearly it works for adults as well.

I like that it is an all-natural, sugar-free and gluten-free liquid herbal supplement designed to provide fast acting stomach relief in minutes! It also works great for indigestion, motion sickness, gas, and bloating. The convenient single-serve packs make Kids Upset Tummy & Nausea Relief great for moms on the go!  

Although my two children felt sick at night, but after this experience I will be packing Mommy’s Bliss in my first aid kit in the car.

Disclosure: Product/compensation was received in exchange for review.
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Mommy Mommy's Bliss Kids Upset Tummy & Nausea Relief Review

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