Freedom Friday – What if….

What I am about to share may seem ridiculous but, it had me thinking.  Recently my daughter and I have been talking about what if….one that we continue to come back to is, what if the life we are living is not real.  What if we are really in a coma, living in a dream or something and think we are doing actual things like having conversations with people, going places, just living a full life and it is not real.  

This topic has come up several times, not because we have watched a movie.  We have seen movies like this.  I think there was a t.v show similar to this as well.  Either way this has been something we have discussed and we freak ourselves out.

I know it sounds crazy but, it is really something to think about.  Am I really writing this post?

Happy Friday!!!
Don’t be afraid to be free!!!

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