AlternaVites Review -Kids Health Vitamins

AlternaVites AlternaVites Review -Kids Health Vitamins

I do not have any problems when it comes to getting my son to take vitamins.  When I heard about alternaVites Kids I knew this would be a multivitamin and mineral he would not mind taking.

The alternaVites Kids concept is different than any other vitamin he has taken.  He is able to pour the contents from the packet into his mouth and it dissolves.  He loves things that comes in powder form. I do not allow him to eat a lot of candy but, it reminds me of the Pixie Stick and I know how fun pouring candy from the Pixie Stick can be.  Of course this is not candy but it is still fun. So fun I had to try it for myself and like my son, I liked it.

The first time he tried this vitamin he poured it in his mouth, because we were in a hurry.  Since then he has been mixing it with apple juice or orange juice.   However, I do plan on adding it to his smoothies, apple sauce yogurt and anything else that appeals to him.  We plan on making some of the delicious smoothies.

My son is convinced alternaVites has gotten him through daylight savings time.  Every morning when he wakes up it is dark and he is exhausted.  The first Monday after the time change was difficult.  He mixed his vitamins and said he seemed to have more energy.  Since then he wakes up in the morning feeling exhausted and takes his vitamins hoping they will get him through the day.  Of course his body is adjusting to the change but, he believes alternaVites has a lot to do with it.

AlternaVites AlternaVites Review -Kids Health Vitamins


 alternaVites Kids is an amazing multivitamin & mineral specially designed for children ages 4 and up.
With alternaVites Kids, both parents and kids will be happy. Parents can rest assured they’re giving their children a high quality, potent multivitamin loaded with 17 nutrients they need and without the additives they don’t. Kids will be thrilled not only with the delicious taste, but because it’s also really fun to eat.
Unlike many other children’s vitamin products, alternaVites Kids:
  • ·         Melts in your mouth
  • ·         0 grams of sugar
  • ·         Free of aspartame and high fructose
  • ·         Does NOT contain artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors or preservatives
  • ·         Gluten Free
  • ·         Does NOT contain egg, milk, peanut, tree nuts, wheat, soy, fish or shellfish
  • ·         Vegetarian
  • ·         Certified Kosher
  • ·         No GMO ingredients – Partnership with the “Non GMO Project” pending
Pediatric Dentist Approved: “As a pediatric dentist, I see firsthand the damage that sugar can do to children’s teeth. It’s hard to hear that my patients take sugary vitamins or gummy vitamins that can stick in their teeth because these can contribute to tooth decay. With alternaVites, there is finally a product that is nutritionally sound, sugarless, and won’t get stuck in between their teeth. Even better, it’s sweetened with Xylitol, which as a dentist, makes me happy!” – Dr. Sean Adler, DMD, Pediatric Dentist
alternaVites Kids Can be Taken in So Many Ways:
  •           Simply sprinkle alternaVites Kids onto the tongue like a pixie stick where it melts quickly
  •           Mix alternaVites Kids into yogurts, smoothies, shakes, cereal or applesauce

It is available online at,, and in select stores at Whole Foods, Wegmans, Harmons, Earth Origins, Akin’s, Chamberlin’s, Fairway Market, and Mrs. Green’s

Disclosure: Product/compensation was received for review.
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AlternaVites AlternaVites Review -Kids Health Vitamins