The Cinderella Movie Was More Than Magical

Cinderella%2Bmovie The Cinderella Movie Was More Than Magical

Cinderella is in theaters today!!! Yes, I am excited because I absolutely loved this film. As an adult I do not think there has been a children’s film that I was this excited to see.

I was so excited. As I sat in the screening room at Disney Studios I had forgotten we were going to have the opportunity to view the Frozen Forever trailer.   I was not the only one who had forgotten. As  the trailer played there were whispers of a few people saying, “I thought we were going to watch Cinderella.” Needless to say, as soon as the trailer ended everyone seemed to understand what had just happened. Now, do not get me wrong that was a great trailer but, I wanted to see Cinderella.

As soon as the Cinderella movie began I was instantly taken in by the scenery and the actors. Everything was lovely: the way looked, their clothes, the village, they way the spoke  Everything was perfect.

As I sat in the theater my mind instantly went to the five year to 8 year old me that loved the story of Cinderella.  I cannot tell you how many times I read that story wishing I could climb inside the book. I was always drawn into this magical story.

Now to finally sit and see the characters come to life was more than magical.  Disney was giving me back a piece of my childhood and opening my mind to things that I may have missed or did not understand at the time. I have seen the original story of Cinderella but, there is something about this version that I loved.

The story begins with Ella’s mom telling her, “Have courage and be kind.”   These words instantly sparked something in me.  I cannot tell you how I value courage and kindness.  It is something I have instilled in my children and I try to live by as well.  While watching the movie I realized my courage and kindness does not hold a candle to Cinderella’s.  She was almost perfect.  She dealt with her evil stepmother and evil step sisters with such grace.  Despite her troubles she was so humble, loving and grateful for everything.

One of my favorite scenes was when Cinderella’s fairy Godmother appeared.  In this film she does not appear as heavy and motherly.  Initially she appeared homeless and unattractive and changed into this beautiful, slender fairy Godmother. Before her transformation,  she comes to Cinderella and asks for food or something to drink and without hesitation Cinderella obliges.  How many people would do that without hesitation?

This movies gives many examples of kindness that everyone can apply to their life. Cinderella lived by her mothers words and in the end she lived happily ever after.

I left the movie theater feeling good.  I cannot tell you how much I loved this film.  You have to go see it!!!

Oh wait, here is the Frozen Forever trailer.

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Cinderella%2Bmovie The Cinderella Movie Was More Than Magical