Freedom Friday – Black Women and Their Natural Hair

I have been reading recent articles online and watching television interviews about black women and their natural hair.  In all of the articles and television interviews it seems as though Viola Davis has set the example or is the spokeswoman for African American women and their natural hair.

As an African American woman I do style my hair in it’s natural state and it does not look like Viola Davis’ hair.  There is nothing wrong with her hair but, I do not understand why the media uses her as an example for most if not all black women.  While reporting the story why do they not share a range of black actresses or black women that wear their hair naturally?

The media and/or television seems to depict black woman as women that have to wear weaves or wigs.  Oh yes, as a side note: not every black woman looks like Viola Davis when they take their wig off or the weave out.  I guess I should mention not all of black women wear wigs and weaves.

After weeks of seeing articles about Viola Davis, I finally read an article that gave Tracee Ellis Ross as an example.  While reading the article I was irritated with the reporter, they implied that either black women had hair like one or the other.  If not they would have to straighten their hair with a relaxer or a straightening comb.  That is absolutely false!!!

I do not hair have hair like Viola Davis nor Tracee Ellis Ross.  I am able to wet my hair and rock my kinky curls with pride.

The media impacts the thoughts and minds of many.  For the past year I have been having an issue with the woman that threads my eye brows.  She constantly wants to touch  my hair like I am so different from her.  She does not understand touching my hair is rude.  Mind you, she has been a US citizen for seven years.  Over the holidays she noticed my hair had grown a couple of inches.  She was amazed.  She then asked me when was I going to get my weave because, there is no way I would ever have long hair ( Little does she know, I have had hair down my back.)  A few weeks later she ran her hands through my daughters hair checking for weave tracks.  This woman was out of control.  She has been brain washed by the media and other ignorant people to believe that black people have extremely course hair and cannot grow it.  It is funny because, I have seen many women of other ethnicities sit in her chair and they have a head full of extensions.

I have an issue with the media when they do not take time to research.  It then leaves people like me to deal with the ignorance of people like the woman that threads my brows.  

Happy Friday!
Don’t be afraid to be free!!!

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