Championing Weight Wellness With thinkThin

thinkthin Championing Weight Wellness With thinkThin

I was never the girl that had to deal with serious weight concerns.   My diet consisted of protein, water fruits and vegetables and very few carbs.  Well, I turned 40 a few years ago and I felt like I was placed in someone else’s body.
The weight gain seemed like it was sudden and I did not exactly recognize it.  I continued to squeeze into my size ¾ clothes.   Finally, about a year and half ago, after looking at a picture, my hips looked wider. They had dropped a bit.  My shoulders looked broad.  My arms were sagging and my face was fatter.   How did this happen?  I could name a number of things.   Age, did play a factor in this.  My metabolism had definitely slowed down.  I work from home and am always sitting.  I was working out, but nothing seemed to help.  Oh yeah… not to mention,  my daughter became a vegetarian and the family began to take in more carbs.  We were trying to be supportive.  Lastly, I have been anemic  all of my life, which makes me iron deficient.  I had not been taking care of myself.  I was focused on so many things  and ignoring my health.  My hemoglobin had dropped to a very low six.  I needed three blood transfusions and not to mention I had a bleeding ulcer.   For some years, I had been eating bags of lettuce, cabbage, flaxseed and many other things to satisfy my weird food cravings.   I was deficient and eating all of this stuff by the bagfuls along with eating the other foods I mentioned.  You would think this was healthy.   Well, not the way I was eating it.  I was over indulging.  This was another contributing factor to my weight gain.  Aside from all of this, I was very unhappy.   After my transfusions, I decided I was going to make sure I listened to the doctors.  I wanted my old body back!
I have listened to my doctors.  I am taking my iron and eating foods rich in iron and am able to exercise more.   I am proud to say, I completed my first Spartan Race and am looking forward to participating in other races. While training for my race, I ate many protein bars.  I needed these since I did not have time to prepare a meal.  I needed something quick, healthy and filling.   I am back to my old diet which consists of protein bars, like thinkThin;  drinking  lots of water and eating lots of protein, fruits and vegetables.
It has been a long road but, just a couple of days ago I began to notice a difference in my body.  It is like it was speaking to me again.  I almost feel like my old self.   I have more energy.  I am working out and am seeing results.   All of the bags of flaxseed, cabbage and lettuce are gone.  I am still grabbing a protein bar like thinkThin whenever I am on the go or when I am at home.  thinkThin is perfect for me because, these bars are high in protein, low in sugar and are a premium product.  Eating products like thinkThin has always been a part of my lifestyle and will continue to be.  Protein bars have been a great cheat for me as well.  They are definitely satisfying and I do not feel guilty.


I have not felt like this in so long.  I am probably the happiest I have been in years.   I am not focused on looking  and feeling how I did when I was younger.  I want to look and feel better than before.  I know it is possible, I feel it!!!

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