We Had An Awesome Time at The Awesome Playground with Bricks4Kidz


Having a son has exposed me to a whole new world of Lego.  It seems Lego is far more creative and advanced than when I was a child or even when my daughter was a child.

On Valentine’s Day my son and I attended a Lego Bricks4kidz  party at The Awesome Playground.   When we arrived we did not know what to expect.  Younger children were playing in the main play area.  Within minutes of our arrival my son was whisked into a smaller room where children his age were going to make a motorized derby car.

I was concerned that my son would have trouble putting the car together.  However; the children received great assistance from the instructor.  All they had to do was follow the instructions on the tablet and when they were stuck, the instructor was available to answer any questions or guide them.

Sometimes my son has a short attention span but, when it comes to playing with Legos he will play for a while. He was definitely well engaged while building his car.  He and another child at his table helped and encouraged one another while working in silence.  This class stimulated them on several levels.  The children were interacting with one another and they were very attentive.  When they finished making their motorized cars there were many proud faces in the class.  Some of the children were hoping they could take their car home with them.  I think they were given a small Lego figure.  They seemed to be pleased with that.

Initially I thought  Bricks4kidz was set up only at The Awesome Playground but, it is not.  They are pretty much everywhere.  When speaking with owner she told me, they will travel to you.  They offer a variety of programs:

  • Enrichment Classes
  • Birthday Parties
  • Week long summer camps
  • Kidz Night Out
  • Pre school classes
I was very impressed with the owner and her staff.   They made my son and I feel comfortable and welcome.  They seemed to have a desire to teach children while they are having an enjoyable time.  They make learning fun.



After the project was complete my son was ready to eat.  There was a nice spread of goodies provided by Mix N Munch, that consisted of grilled cheese sandwiches, juice, cake, candy and many other goodies.

After we ate and mingled a bit, we made our way to the back and my son went through the soft obstacle course in the bouncer.  This was a great way to end the party.

I took my son to what I thought was going to be a Valentine’s Day party with kids playing with Legos.  This was definitely more than I expected.  The Awesome Playground knows how to  throw an awesome party.  On the drive home my son said, “Mom, this is the best Valentine’s Day!”

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  1. You are so right! It is timeless. I am really impressed with all that can be done with Lego. Thanks again for sharing this opportunity with us.

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