Forgiving our Fathers and Mothers Review

Forgiving%2Bour%2Bmothers%2Band%2Bfathers Forgiving our Fathers and Mothers Review

After reading the book description for Forgiving our Fathers and Mothers by Leslie Leyland Field, I was hoping I would be enlightened or mentally stimulated.  Unfortunately that was not the case.

As an avid book reader I do not believe in starting a book and not completing it.  However; I was unable to read this book in it’s entirety.  After reading the first couple of pages I knew something was missing.  I could not pin point what it was, so I continued to read with hopes that the book would pick up or tell me something I did not already know.

The stories in the book where descent examples of what Fields had experienced herself. I am dismissing her experiences but, did not agree with her thoughts and theories. I did not find that everything she stated was Word based.

It is unfortunate that many parents and children have to mend their relationships.  I thought this book would offer some answers or solutions for the readers but, I found that I was not receiving a message that was moving or something I did not already know.  I do not consider myself to be a know it all but, I do know that while reading this book I was not receiving a powerful message.  I took very little from what I read.

After struggling through the first couple of chapters and reminding myself that I always finish reading a book, I could not do it.

Forgiving Our Fathers and Mothers was not the book for me but, may be for someone else.

Disclosure:Product/compensation was received in exchange for review.
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