SwimSpray Eliminates Chlorine Odor and Eliminates Irritation

Swim%2BSpray SwimSpray Eliminates Chlorine Odor and Eliminates Irritation

We have been having some awesome weather and my son has been spending some time at the pool. After  hours of swimming I have been spraying SwimSpray  on him.

Invented by a swimmer, SwimSpray is a 100% natural Vitamin C-based technology. SwimSpray solves the problems chlorine leaves behind – strong chlorine odor; dry, itchy, and irritated skin; bleached, straw-like hair; etc.  Leave the chlorine smell where it belongs – poolside.  

My son sometimes experiences itchy skin after swimming.  We have only used SwimSpray a couple of times but, he did not seem to experience any itching after spraying SwimSpray.

The day we decided to use our bottle of SwimSpray, a couple of my son’s friends were over.  Like most kids, when they see something new they all want to try it.  Initially, I thought it was a spray that needed to be applied before swimming.  I do not know why I had not read the instructions.  Before I sprayed it on the boys, I realized they were to use it after they finished swimming and showered. It is an all natural shower spray. When they finished swimming, my son’s guests had to leave immediately and did not get use the spray.  One of the boys was so disappointed.  He told me he will make sure his mother buys him some SwimSpray.   He was excited about the product without trying it.

SwimSpray is recommended for use on children over the age of 6 months.  A 4 oz bottle provides over 600 sprays or approximately 20-30 swims. SwimSpray retails for $15.00.

SwimSpray, is a light spray that is easy to apply.  It is very convenient.  When my son attends summer camp, he will be packing his bottle of SwimSpray.

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Swim%2BSpray SwimSpray Eliminates Chlorine Odor and Eliminates Irritation