Freedom Friday – A Wardrobe Makeover

Yesterday my daughter sent me a text of an old picture of herself.  She has been doing that a lot lately.  She is completely mortified every time she finds old pictures that are not very flattering.   She cannot believe the styles she was wearing.  I jokingly responded, “Yikes”   For years I have been telling her less is more and now she learning the hard way.

She does have an eye for fashion and has many good days as opposed to bad days but, sometimes she will get hear of a style and does not understand it is not a fit for her.  She has put on lots of colors and designs and gaudy jewelry and hats that are not becoming.  I always tell her all new styles are not for everyone.

I do not know how many times she will ask me,  “How does I look?”  God forbid I say anything against her appearance, she ignores me or she says, “I like it!”  All the while I am wondering, “Why did she ask my opinion.”  She then walks around with such confidence looking a HOT MESS and I am just looking at her laughing inside.  I do not know if her appearance is what made me laugh or the confidence she has wearing that crazy outfit or hairstyle.  

Now that she is understanding that less is more, she is has a crisp clean look.  She is now focused on classic looks that give her a polished appearance.

After yesterday’s picture I explained to her that many of us have gone through those periods in our lives.  Well maybe not to the extent that she has.  I say this because she would not listen to me.  She is now beginning to realize I have some sense of style.

I would post before and after pictures, but I cannot do that to her.  I am so happy she realizes she needed to make some fashion changes.

Happy Friday!
Don’t be afraid to be free!!!

10 Freedom Friday -  A Wardrobe Makeover