Strange Magic Review – In Theaters Everywhere!!!

strange%2Bmagic Strange Magic Review - In Theaters Everywhere!!!

As we made our exit after the Strange Magic Screening at Disney Studios, my son kept saying “You cannot judge a book, by it’s cover.”  That is the message Strange Magic delivered to him, me and  maybe other movie goers.

Strange Magic is the first animated fairy tale from Disney and George Lucas. It is filled with lots of familiar songs, but the lyrics have been change to fit the story.   The film begins with it’s version of Beyonce’s  Crazy In Love.

As the movie began, my daughter instantly said, “Something is not right with Roland, Marianne’s fiance”  Well, she was right.  He was two timing Marianne.  As soon as Marianne discovers his cheating ways  she transforms from soft to edgy; both inside and out.  I wish she had some strong qualities before she realized her fiance was cheating on her.

Marianne’s edge and strength come into play after she vows to protect her boy crazy younger sister, Dawn.  Dawn is all over the place and does not recognize that her elf friend, Sunny likes her.   Sunny knows that Dawn does not have the same feelings, so he sets out to the Dark Forest to have the Sugar Plum Fairy create a love potion.  The ruler of the Dark Forest, the Bog King forbids her to make the potion and holds her captive, because the potion caused something terrible in the past.  This is when the adventure begins. This happens, more so during the second half of the film.

As Marianne tries to protect her sister, Elf tries to use the love potion, Marriane’s dad tries to make choices for her and Dawn, and the Bog King tries to keep control of the love potion; all of the characters in this film discover that it does not pay to judge a book by it’s cover.

Overall, the movie seemed a bit long, but for children I think the singing allows the time to pass.  This film is more like a musical.  My daughter thought there was too much singing and did not want to hear remakes of other songs.

The animation was good, but some of the characters looked more realistic than others.  The character, Elf was the best. Aside from the characters the forest was beautiful with so many colors and when it darkened the beauty remained.

This film is more like a musical.  There may be some popularity with the soundtrack.  Kids love listening to kid versions of popular songs.

Strange Magic was a good movie.

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strange%2Bmagic Strange Magic Review - In Theaters Everywhere!!!