Freedom Friday – Do Not Give To Receive

For over a year I have been wanting  Good Deeds bracelet.  I posted a while ago that I had received one.  I was so excited about it and still am, but I did not take into consideration all that comes with it.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been performing good deeds and have felt good in the process. All of my good deeds benefits others and me as well.  I am constantly reminded that I need to watch my actions and focus on being a good person no matter how I am being treated in return.

I am unable to share my acts of kindness with you, but I want to lightly share some of my experiences.   In some cases I have noticed that people do not say thank you.  Some people are picky about what I do for them or give them or they do not acknowledge the gift at all.  At first I was disappointed or I guess my feelings were hurt.  I had to stop and think.  It is okay, if people are unappreciative.  My good deeds are something I want to do and I should not expect anything in return.  I do not need my deeds to be acknowledged.

I like that I cannot share with others what my good deeds are or have been.  My bracelet has allowed me to see things differently and is definitely very humbling.

As I continue my good deeds I realize each day that people have the freedom to do whatever they want and I cannot take it personally.  Everything I do is coming from a good place.  I cannot allow others to take that away from me.

Happy Friday!
Don’t be afraid to be free!!!

GoodDeedsBracelett-150x150 Freedom Friday - Do Not Give To Receive