Get On Up is Available On Digital HD and Blu-Ray Combo Pack


Get%2BOn%2Bup Get On Up is Available On Digital HD and Blu-Ray Combo Pack

Get On Upstarring Chadwick Boseman as James Brown, arrived on Digital HD December 9th and Blu-ray Combo Pack January 6th and I have heard my share of reviews about this movie.

Last week, I went to visit my cousin in the hospital and as he resting in his hospital bed he was watching Get On Up.  As visitors came and went the movie was playing and it seemed someone had a scene that they liked.  It definitely made the mood lighter and was getting my cousin’s mind off of his upcoming surgery.

I tried watching it over the holidays and just could not find a moment when I actually sit down to watch it.  On Christmas day, I brought my combo pack with me to my parent’s house.  Everyone had seen the movie except me and my daughter.  As we tried to watch the movie my mother blurted out, “I liked the movie, but I wish they showed more actual footage of James Brown.”  Mind you, she is saying this at the beginning of the movie.  I on the other hand did not care to see actual footage because I was so impressed with Chadwick Boseman’s portrayal of James Brown.  He mastered James Brown’s voice, moves and mannerisms.  Watching him made me think,  “Hey, James Brown may have had some sex appeal.”

I learned about James Brown’s life through the media or from my parents or listening to what little celebrity gossip we had when I was growing up. Of course revealed many things I was unaware of.   It was interesting to see the struggles he faced as a young child and how he allowed the struggles to  to strengthen him and become the icon he was and still is, as his legacy lives on through many singers of today’s time.

Get On Up is definitely a film to have on the shelf.  It was filled with a lot of emotion.  My emotions were all over the place. Aside from all of the emotions I was rocking and swaying in my seat as Chadwick gyrated his hips, strutted his stuff, and did the splits.  I loved this movie and so did everyone else I know that has seen it.

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Get%2BOn%2Bup Get On Up is Available On Digital HD and Blu-Ray Combo Pack