Freedom Friday – This Is What Happens When Your Kid Has Too Much Fun

Over the last weekend of the holiday break, I allowed my son to spend the weekend with my cousins.  He was so excited and I knew he would have a good time because these cousins are so much fun. They are older and have grandchildren, but they are very hip.

Our male cousin is a manly and very old school.  He is hilarious!  When we arrived at there home he greeted my son and I with a hug.  We sat and talked a while, but my son just kind of sat there. He needed to warm up a bit.  He has never spent time with my cousins, but I knew he would be in good hands.

After a few I hours I called to check on my son.  In just a few hours they had picked up movies, ordered pizza, watched movies and I cannot remember what else.  This was all going on while my other cousin was out spending a day with her mother, so they were in a males wonderland.  No women!!!

The next day when I spoke with the two, my cousin asked me, “What does the boy eat or not eat?”  I told him we do not eat beef or pork, but I forgot to mention no sodas and he can only have candy in moderation (he does not eat it often) oh and he does not like too many baked goods or pastries.

When I returned to pick up my son, when I rang the doorbell I was greeted by the twosome.  My cousin had was wearing boxing gloves and my son had on boxing gloves and head gear.  This was an awesome site.  My other cousin entered the room saying, “They have been wrestling and boxing all weekend.”  As we sat down to talk, they went in the back yard and began to box.  After they were done boxing it was time for us to leave.  This time my son and my cousin did not hug, they said goodbye with a fist bump.  Wait…did I see a little swag.  Yes, that is what I saw.

Both of my cousins said it was a pleasure having my son.  My male cousin said, this was good for him having my son over because, it was like having another son around.  Their son is now an adult and has a family of his own.  He does not have any sons yet.  They do have grandson, but he is a toddler and lives out of the state.  I was moved by the fact that they want to spend time with my son in such a manner.

On our ride home, my son complained of a stomach ache.  This continued all day and for the next two days.  I asked him what did you eat?  He said, “We had pepperoni pizza, bacon (it did not taste like turkey bacon), donuts, candy, soda and a lot of other things.”  Oh my, he had eaten everything I do not give him.  He missed the first two days of school and this was the first week back to school from the winter break.

I could not be upset by the things my son had eaten.  My son did not speak up, because he was in unfamiliar surroundings and my cousins did know initially. I am sure the next visit my son will not eat and drink a lot of things.   They just wanted to shower him with things that kids like.  Although, he was sick for a few days, my son had a great time and is looking forward to spending many weekends with them.  He has spoken of them nonstop.  It seems like everyday, he has a funny story to share with me pertaining to them.

Sometimes allowing our children the freedom to do certain things will allow them to see what will hurt them and benefit them.

Happy Friday!
Don’t be afraid to be free!!!

10 Freedom Friday - This Is What Happens When Your Kid  Has Too Much Fun