Freedom Friday- Do You Remember the Song 777-9311 by The Time

A couple of days ago while driving down the 101 freeway the song 777-9311 by The Time came on the radio.  As the first beat of the guitar began I said, “This used to be my jam!”  My daughter said, “What is this?”  Morris had not began to sing yet.  I asked, “You have not heard this before?”  By this time I was singing, 777-9311.  My daughter began to chime in, “This is catchy”  as she began chair dancing in the passenger seat.  My son sat in the back, not paying us any mind.

If memory serves me correctly, when this song came out the number did belong to someone and is now an inactive number.  I was telling my daughter the story and we began to laugh and ask one another: who would think to call the number, why would you call the number, did they think they were reaching the girl The Time was singing about?

I told my daughter girls were giving out this number as their own to guys they did not want to talk to. If the guy insisted on having a number, this is what they got.  They did this with hopes that the guy would not catch on.  Sometimes they did and sometimes they did not.  As I shared this with her she said, ” I am going to do that.  It will be interesting to see if anyone recognizes the number.”  We began practicing, 818-777-9311, saying it slow and then fast.  We came to the conclusion no one would know, especially in her generation.  I then said jokingly, “I am going to do it as well.”  She laughed and jokingly responded,  “You cannot afford to that.”  What???  Again, she was just kidding.

It will be interesting to see if my daughter really passes 777-9311 off as her phone number.

Happy Friday
Don’t be afraid to be free!!!

30 Freedom Friday- Do You Remember the Song 777-9311 by The Time