Freedom Friday- Tis The Season of Giving

We all know this is the season of giving.  People are cheerful givers.  Well, last night as the cashier checked me out at Whole Foods, she handed me $0.10 in change.  Wait….I was making my purchase with free coupons for a few items, I should not have received change, but she had given me credit for using my own bag.  I know it was only $0.10, but I was thrilled.  This has not happened in a while.  I then turned to my son and handed him the dime.

As we walked out of the store, there stood a gentleman asking for donations of $1.00.  I told him, I did not have any cash.  As my son approached, he put the dime in the red box.  In an instant, I could hear the gentleman say, “Praise God!  Yes, teach them while they are young.”  He was thrilled over my son’s small donation.

Although, the man was asking for a donation, he gave us a gift as well.  I will forever remember this and so will my son.

Happy Friday and Happy Holidays
Don’t be afraid to be free!!!

0 Freedom Friday- Tis The Season of Giving