Freedom Friday – The Day My Daughter Got Into The Wrong Car

Every time I visit Target in Simi Valley, I think of my daughter.  Sometime ago, she asked me to stop by Target while we were out.  She was only going to run in and out.  I decided to wait for her in the car.  She went into Target and made her purchase.   As I sat waiting for her,  I could hear nervous, laughter. All of a sudden, I could see her rushing to the passenger side of the car.  I looked over and noticed there was an identical car parked next to us.

When she walked out of Target, she was not paying attention and got into the car parked next to us and sat in the passenger side.  There was a gentleman sitting in the car. He sat looking at her.  As she sat in the car, she looked over and noticed I was not in the drivers seat.  She immediately jumped out of the car and ran over to the correct car.  We could not stop laughing and laugh about it.

I am always telling her to pay attention.  She knows that was not safe, but it was funny.

Happy Friday!
Don’t be afraid to be free!!!