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Holiday%2BReading Pine Tree Publishing Holiday Reading - Childern Books

For my family, December 1st represents the beginning of the Christmas season.  All during the season we read holiday books.  This has been a tradition for as long as I can remember.  As I put my son to bed last night, he said, “It’s Christmas time, let’s read the key book!”  He was referring to The Magic Christmas Key. He is excited to read this book, because it will be a fun read for the holidays, but he has been looking forward to opening the package and holding the magic key.  This is perfect for him, because he currently thinks he is a magician.

Although, he wanted to read The Magic Key, he was torn because he was intrigued by another book we received called, The Hope Tree.  As he flipped through, he said, “We can read this first, because it seems shorter.”  He wants to take his time with The Magic Key.  We stayed up past his bedtime reading The Hope Tree.  This is a story filled of hope and togetherness,  that left my son wondering if this was a true story.  He absolutely loved the illustrations, he said they looked so lifelike.  We are now looking forward to reading The Magic Key.

I also received a copy of My Snowman and Me.  My son seemed to be a bit old for this book, so I gave it to a friend that is expecting her first baby.  For her baby shower she asked for signed books as opposed to cards.  She was so thrilled to have received this book.  She said her husband wanted to open the box and look at the snowman and they both cannot wait to read this story to there little one.

Holiday%2BReading Pine Tree Publishing Holiday Reading - Childern Books
The Magic Christmas Key, My Snowman and Me, and The Hope Tree, a collection of three beautifully illustrated holiday-themed book and gift sets by author Leann Smith,” said Becky P., Hamilton NY.
Each book delivers a heartwarming tale of the holiday season, emphasizing the magic and true meaning of Christmas and family values. Children and adults alike are transfixed by the engaging story lines, lesson-learning morals and award-winning illustrations. Gift sets are packaged in a gift box and include a copy of the book as well as a keepsake relevant to the story.
The Magic Christmas Key, My Snowman and Me, and The Hope Tree are published by Pine Tree Publishing which focuses on producing high quality books and keepsakes, telling engaging stories, instilling family values and traditions and creating lifelong memories.

Disclosure:  Products/compensation was received in exchange for review.
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