Freedom Friday – 30 Days of Lean Eating

My daughter and I have decided to eat only protein, vegetables and fruit for the next 30 days.  Well, with the exception of Thanksgiving.  Ironically, my 9 year old son decided he wanted to eat “healthier.”  He is focused on growing.  We are focused on looking good.

We are eight days into this and are doing well.   Last night, I prepared a meal and decided I would season the meat with garlic, onions and mushrooms.  While we were eating,  I tasted the turkey and thought it was  a little bland.  I then decided I would mix it in with my vegetables.  Natural seasoning seems to work better with vegetables.  I asked my son how did he like his meal.  He said, ” Fine, but the meat tastes like nothing.”  I do not know what nothing tastes like.  He is such a sweet child, he continued to eat his tasteless turkey.

I think he is doing well with this because, he is tired of me asking him, if I look fat.  He is learning the rules early on.  He gives me the sweetest responses.

I cannot wait until day 30.  My daughter and I are getting lean and my son is getting stronger (in his mind).

Happy Friday!
Don’t be afraid to be free!!!

family-table-150x150 Freedom Friday - 30 Days of Lean Eating