Freedom Friday – Foul Fashions

Is wearing the same shoe in different colors fashionable?  My friend called me recently to tell me she attended a birthday party and everyone was supposed to wear black and white.

We have another friend that attended this birthday party as well.  She believes she is so fashionable but over the years we may beg to differ.  I was told she wore an outfit. I cannot remember what color or what she wore.  I am sure it was black or white.  The reason I forgot the description of the outfit is because, when my friend told me she had on one black and one white shoe, I could not hear anything else.  I began questioning if I heard correctly.

I was told this girl was prancing around the party like she looked amazing.  My friend said when she saw the mixed match shoes, she thought she was thinking, “What the hell???”  But, to her surprise she had said it aloud and the person sitting next to her said, “Excuse me.”

I just love when someone does there own thing.  Our friend pranced around the party like her style was the best thing ever.  She may not have received many compliments, but she was confident and thought she looked amazing!!!  Maybe she is on to something.

Happy Friday!!!
Don’t be afraid to be free!!!

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