Flex Belt Review – Electric Tummy Belt

Flex%2BBelt Flex Belt Review - Electric Tummy Belt

I miss my old abs!   I have been using the Flex Belt to assist in my daily workouts to get my abs back to how they used to be.

I have been in denial that my body has changed.   Well, I have had a rude awakening and I am ready to get my body tight and right.

I have been using the Flex Belt for 6 weeks and am seeing some slight results.  I say slight results, because the device is not a miracle device.  It is toning, tightening and strengthening my abs along with a daily cardio workout and eating lean.  This is definitely not a quick fix.

When I received my Flex Belt, I was eager to use it.   I pulled it out of the boxy and realized, I have to read the instructions.  Reading is not bad, but I was ready to put it to use.  The instructions were easy, but of course I did have a couple of hiccups.  This happened because I was in such a hurry to use my new Flex Belt.   I needed to take my time and go over the contents etc.  No problem….

Flex%2BBelt Flex Belt Review - Electric Tummy Belt

My box contained the following:

  •  A belt that has been ergonocmically designed.  That is designed for men and women.  The belt has a pocket for holding your unit while you are using it.
  • A unit that generates signals that are sent through the belt and pads to your muscles to make them contract.  
  • A unit connector that connects the unit to the toning belt.
  • A pack of three adhesive pads
  • The Flex Belt Battery Charger
  • An Instruction Manual
  • A quick start guide
The belt was a little big, but I was able to pull it far around to fit my size.   After I placed the pads on the belt and then strapped the belt on I was surprised.  The pads were a bit cold, but it is fine.  You will quickly warm up.  When placing the belt on make sure it is placed properly.  After watching the startup video I made sure I used the center pad as a guide as to were I was placing my belt. Both the videos on the site and the manual offer a lot of information.  I refer back to both of them.  Do not think you can just strap the belt on and voila 
The first time I used the Flex Belt, I set my unit low as the instruction manual suggested.  I immediately understood why because, the signals are were a little jolting.  By the the third day I increased the settings.  This is where I was a bit confused.   I did not know there were different programs until I watched the programs and tips video. I did see it in the manual, but for some reason I a light bulb went off when I saw the video.  I am sure I glanced over it during my excitement.  I am currently using the expert programs.  Let me just warn you, the intensity of these programs are powerful.  My kids got a kick out of watching my stomach contract.  
During the session I definitely feel the belt working my abs.  It gets to be a little intense, but nothing I cannot handle.   After completing a session I do not feel any pain or tightness. 
I use the Flex Belt while sitting down.  Cooking, cleaning or doing many other things around the house.  When I have it on the expert level it is a little hard to move around sometimes, it is best for me to sit down and let the belt work it’s magic.  
I have not taken it will I am on the go, but it is nice to know that I have that option.  It comes with a a bag to keep the kit in.  
Overall I really like the Flex Belt.  But, this week, my belt seemed to be going a little softer and slower.  I remember reading in the manual that this will occur if the pads are worn out or if the battery is low.   I fully charged my battery and it seemed to help.  Then two days later, the battery read low.  I do not know if the pads have anything to do with the battery not staying charged.  I do believe it is time to get new pads, but I am not sure what is going on with the battery.  I question this because after charging the battery the first time it lasted at least 4 weeks before I had to recharge.  I am going to charge it again to see if it works this time.   Either way I am sure it is something that can be resolved.  The people at Flex Belt stand by their product and they offer a warranty.
I am addicted to using the Flex Belt.  I have to get new pads soon and figure out what is going on with my battery soon.  The Flex Belt as an added bonus to my daily workouts.  I have not eliminated crunches from my regimine.   I am finding I am getting good results by incorporating this into my workouts and not just relying on it alone.  
After 6 weeks, I am seeing some results.  I can see the formation of what I call a 2 pack.  I did not realize I had so much fat in my stomach.  Slowly but surely, I will have a 4 pack.    My abs are not where I want them to be, but I know that they will in due time.  I will continue to use the Flex Belt.  
Maybe one day when my abs are where I want them to be I will share before and after photos.  Just maybe!!!

Disclosure:  Product/Compensation was received in exchange for review.
Don’t be afraid to be free!!!

Flex%2BBelt Flex Belt Review - Electric Tummy Belt