A Night Off For Caregivers and Screening of “A Sacred Journey” by Ernesto Quintero

On October 1, 2014 at the Cinefamily Silent Movie Theater in Los Angeles, caregivers were given a night off and celebrated.

They enjoyed hors d’oeuvres, drinks, pampering activities a private screening of the documentary “A Sacred Journey” LA filmmaker Ernesto Quintero that touches all of those who care for a loved one. 

I was thrilled and moved by the idea that someone had the where with all to give caregivers a day off. After watching the promo for “A Sacred Journey” I felt so many emotions.  I was able to empathize with the Quintero family, because I know first hand what it is like to care for a loved one.  

Caregivers were honored in Los Angeles  and will be honored in Washington D.C.

Date:  Thursday, November 13th
Time: 6:30
Location:  West End Cinema
2301 M Street NW, Washington DC, 20037

There will be complimentary valet parking.  RSVP to RSVP@pdcpr.net or 708-305-5075.

According to Ernesto A Sacred Journey “documents the story of my brother’s fight with ALS since his diagnosis in 2005. The viewer not only journeys with Juan, his children, his parents and his siblings in the years after his diagnosis, but also witnesses a powerful, inspiring true story that takes place in the mostly Latino neighborhood of Lincoln Heights. The film celebrates the love, unification and power that manifests when a family and a community comes together turning heartache into a blessing.  We’re bringing the caregiver community together for screenings of my film to show they are not alone. In addition to giving them a night off of caregiving duties to honor and celebrate them, we hope they enjoy a little pampering and camaraderie with other caregivers in the community. We’re also hosting a panel discussion after the screening with experts, advocates and other caregivers about “When Care Comes Home,” exploring the challenges and rewards of caregiving.” 

  • The Chicago When Care Comes Home event took place on Aug. 21 at the Logan Theater
  • The L.A. When Care Comes Home event took place Oct. 1 at 6:30 p.m. and 8 p.m. (two screenings) at the Cinefamily Silent Movie Theater.
  • The Washington, D.C. When Care Comes Home event is taking place Nov. 13 at 6:30 p.m. at the West End Cinema.

When asked how he is impacted as a filmmaker and caregiver Ernesto said, ” It’s a compliment to know that my family’s story is the catalyst, which is celebrating caregivers and allowing us to understand each other in a very vulnerable manner. Film is the most powerful form of media and “A Sacred Journey” is a reminder of the power I have as a filmmaker to effect and organize others.

Ernesto’s projects are considered to be socially relevant.  Without hesitation Ernesto  did not hesitate to document his families journey.  When asked when did he decide to make “A Sacred Journey”  he said, Immediately. I felt that the camera would make Juan feel valuable in moments where his depression was deep. I want to get closer to him and used the camera as a tool to force me to come around more. I wanted to celebrate my brother’s life. I also felt that this was a way to raise awareness about ALS. Lastly, I wanted to use the film as a healing tool for my family, friends and especially his kids. It wasn’t until Clorox stepped in that I realized I had a film that spoke to the masses.”

As a caregiver Ernest faces challenges like many people that are caring for a loved one.  He says, “The most challenging part of caregiving is understanding patience. Accepting 100% that I will never understand why this has happened. Coming to terms with my own guilt, selfish needs and wants. Understanding that it’s okay to have whatever feelings I am having. It’s okay to feel for my mother and father who are aging right in front of our eyes because of the dedication they give to my brother.” 

“As caregivers, we can often feel like we’re alone; it can also feel physically, mentally and emotionally overwhelming caring for our loved ones. Whencarecomehomes.comprovides personal stories, tips and practical suggestions we can use to feel empowered in our caregiving role.”

“The “When Care Comes Home” survey conducted by Clorox CareConcepts and the Caregiver Action Network found that cleanliness is very important to those in the caregiving role (85 percent) and that’s true for my family as well. But more than one in three caregivers report that it is confusing to select cleaning and personal care products (37 percent) and it is difficult to find them (36 percent). In fact, half (50 percent) of caregivers wish home health care products were easier to find. We’re happy that the new Clorox CareConcepts home health care products are simple to find on Amazon.com, Drugstores.com and near the pharmacy section at select drug stores nationwide.”

Although  Ernesto and his family face some challenging moments, of course there are many rewarding moments as well.  Ernesto says caring for his brother has allowed him to continue looking for himself in a very deep manner.  He recognizes that at any given moment we can fall ill.   Ernesto says, “I live my life from this place of gratitude and joy as much as I can. The documentary has brought me closer to my brother. It has allowed me to examine him very closely, which in exchange forces me to examine myself. The act of doing something that I love for the sake of just that has blessed me with beautiful people, health, love and sponsorships. I strongly believe that I am presently a perfect example of someone doing what I love and trusting that everything else will continue falling into place.”  

While caring for his brother Ernesto’s family uses Clorox CareConcepts products.  They use the Germ Control Kit and the Home Care Clean Up Kit.  Like many of us, his family is very familiar with using bleach and are happy to see it in new products from a trusted brand.  Clorox CareConcepts  has a collection of easy to use cleaning and personal care products for the at home caregiver.

Caregivers have and will be given an opportunity to see “A Scared Journey” but Ernesto is planning to submit the film to film festivals starting with Cannes in early March of 2015. “The idea is to find a distribution source to share the film with the world. Our want is that this film significantly contributes to finding a cure for ALS one day. We are also continuing to seek funding to produce an interactive website and educational component that can be shared in school districts across the world. Please visit asacredjourneyfilm.comfor frequent updates and more information about the film.”

When asked what advise would he give to other caregivers Ernesto said, I have realized that no matter how much you do you will always feel that you’re not doing enough. I would suggest that you take care of yourself and continue doing what you love to do before you burn out and get sick. I’ve also learned that you cannot do it alone. Luckily I come from a big family, but even then it helps when you have others stepping in to relieve, to talk or to distract you of the potential heartache.”

“I also recommend visiting Whencarecomehomes.com for personal stories, tips and practical suggestions they can use to feel empowered in their caregiving roles. It offers supportive tools and products to help empower those caring for a loved one. Caregivers will find links to well-respected partners, such as Family Caregivers Alliance (FCA) and Caregiver Action Network (CAN), as well as educational content. Through the Clorox Care Council, a panel of caregivers, advocates and experts offer guidance, perspective and encouragement. “

“A Sacred Journey”, When Care Comes Home and Clorox Care Concepts are excellent resources.  Know that you are not alone, use the resources that are available to you and your family.

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30 A Night Off For Caregivers and Screening of "A Sacred Journey" by Ernesto Quintero