Freedom Friday – My Son Said I Am An Elderly Person

When did I become an elderly person?  Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being an elderly person; but the other day, while reading with my son we came across the word ‘elderly’.  I asked him did he know what it meant, he said, “Yes, you are an elderly person.”  WHAT!!!  Since was I elderly?  I responded, “I am not elderly, I am young.”  He then said, his grandparents were elderly. I had to think about it, because they are 63, today that is not considered elderly.  I am not sure if they are elderly either.  I know at 65 people are considered elderly, but if you take a look at people today, 65 definitely does not look elderly.

My son is taught to respect his elders.  Maybe that is part of the reason he feels we are all elderly.

I asked him again, last night and he said an elder person is someone that is has wrinkles and white hair.

When I think about it,   I do not know too many people nowadays that have wrinkles and white hair that would like to be called old or elderly.  People 65 and over look great!!! But, in the mind of a nine year old we are all old.

Happy Friday!!!
Don’t be afraid to be free!!!

16 Freedom Friday - My Son Said I Am An Elderly Person