Freedom Friday – What Do You Know

Can you believe some people think daylight savings for the Fall season has already taken place? Yes….

I know this because, my daughter told me while she was dining with a friend the girl said, ” I am so tired because of the time change.  My mom told me the time changed this past weekend.”  This is a 19 – 20 year old making this statement.  Later that night, my daughter tells me, “Mom, we are tired because of the time change.”  I tell her, “The time has not changed.”  I begin to question myself and google it.  I was right, the time does not change until November 2nd.

We began to talk about how people will trust someone else’s word and run around making false statements.  You should always do your research.

Today, I told my daughter that today’s post would be about her friend.  She then tells me, “She’s not the only person that told me that, another friend of mine thinks the time has changed.   I shake my head.  These kids need to really stop repeating this stuff.  They are walking around thinking daylight savings time has passed.

I asked my daughter why has she not corrected them, she tells me she did not know if it were true or not.  Well now she has the right information and if she hears it again , she can tell them they are wrong.

I wonder what are they going to do when it is really time to fall back?

Happy Friday
Don’t be afraid to be free!!!

10 Freedom Friday - What Do You Know