Freedom Friday – That New Car Smell

I have always thought everyone liked the smell of a new car.  Well, my son does not.

Our car was rear ended and we are driving a rental and my son is driving me crazy. Initially he was excited about the rental, but in a matter of minutes he began to tell me the car smelled bad.  I found myself sniffing.  I did not know what he was talking about.  I soon discovered the new car smell was the culprit.

Every time he gets in the car he has something to say about the scent.  It has been hot here and like most people, I would like to turn on the air conditioner.  I am turning it on, but I have to let the windows down in the back, because my kid is complaining that the new car scent is making him sick.
The other day, he told his sister the car smelled like cooked carrots.  He used to like cooked carrots, but this month he does not.  You know how kids are.

When we are driving he sits slumped over like he is dying.  He is completely silent.  When I ask him what is wrong, he says, “I cannot wait to get our car back.”  Little does he know, I cannot wait either.

I guess when he is old enough to get a new car, he will have to purchase an old car or find out if new cars can be sold without the new car scent.

Happy Friday
Don’t be afraid to be free!!!

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