Freedom Friday – Kids Say The Darndest Things

My daughter should be ashamed of herself!  She is getting a good laugh out of her brother.  Well, she thinks is lack of knowledge in some areas is cute.  The other day she asked me if I heard her brother running around singing, “I am going to watch H2O (H twenty)!!!”  Then he sings the theme song.  I mean this kid gets really excited and all the while, his 20 year old sister is in the corner, or behind a pillow snickering.  While she is laughing I am wondering does she know it is called H2O: Just Add Water?  I think they both need to be told what the real title is.  More than likely she will tell me, “I knew the name of the show, everyone just calls it H2O.”

The thing is the show is not called H2O (H twenty) it is H2O as in water.

She does not want me to tell him the real name.  I have gone along with it for a couple of days, but I plan on explaining the title.  The show is about these girls that are mermaids.  So you can understand why it is called H2O.

I know this is what siblings do. I cannot allow the boy to run around calling this show by the wrong name.

I cannot end this post without wishing my daughter a Happy 20th Birthday!!!

Happy Friday!!!
Don’t be afraid to be free!!!

13 Freedom Friday - Kids Say The Darndest Things