Freedom Friday – Be Happy With Yourself

wedding%2Bguests Freedom Friday - Be Happy With Yourself
At the wedding

Have you ever wondered if you still have IT?  Or have you felt unhappy with yourself physically and emotionally?

I have now found myself in the older woman category and was dealing with the over 40 weight gain, trying to figure out what look works for me and many other things that people over 40 face.  I began to question  my appearance and many other things.  I have always worked out, but in recent years my workouts slowed down, right along with my metabolism.  A few months ago I increased my workouts and am beginning to see results.  I had to do this, it was effecting me emotionally and physically.  I was unhappy.

I do not care what other people think of me.  But, last weekend, I turned a couple of young heads.   YES!!!  The first time my daughter said, “Did you see that?”  As we were walking into the mall, a young man was jogging out out, as he was trying to pass our eyes connected.  As he said excuse me, it was as if he was moving in slow motion, smiling and staring into my face.  Ari and I agreed it was definitely what I thought.    No, I am not into young men.  Earlier that day, I was feeling fat and unattractive and surely did not want to be in the mall looking for a dress.  Did I mention we where attending our cousins wedding the next day, so this was an emergency.

You are not going to believe this, but later that day while in the mall, it happened again.  As we walked into another store, a nice looking, tall young man was walking out of the store and he stared into my face as he walked he took a double take.  No, this was not the, “I know you from somewhere look.”  This time, I said to Ari, “Did you see that?  I think I may have to become a cougar.”  She was not having it. She replied, “I am not going to be checking for guys my age for you!”  We joked about this throughout the day.

I usually miss actions like this, my best friend tells me I need to pay attention.  I do not know if it was that I was paying attention or if my hard work is noticeable.  Either way, it was flattering to know that I am turning heads or stopping them in their tracks, and it is not a figment of my imagination.

I have been focused on myself for myself and my family and that is what makes me happy.  Yes, I was concerned about myself physically and emotionally.  Today, I am feeling good emotionally, physically and emotionally and I believe this allows my light to shine.  It may not have been that these young men thought I was attractive, I may have given off good energy.  Either way, Ari and I were able to have fun with it.

It is important to find things to make you happy.  Working out has made me happy in so many ways.  What makes you happy?

Happy Friday!!!

Don’t be afraid to be free!!!

wedding%2Bguests Freedom Friday - Be Happy With Yourself