Fulcrum Gallery Review – Art Print Canvas

Fara%2BBell%2B-%2BTouches%2Bof%2BFall%2BI Fulcrum Gallery Review - Art Print Canvas

I was so excited when I ordered my Fara Bell – Touches of Fall I canvas from Fulcrum Gallery.    I had actually been looking for a canvas to accent my kitchen wall.

After spending what seemed like hours searching for the perfect canvas, I found Fara Bell – Touches of Fall I.  There is a lot to choose from, which is awesome, because I wanted to make sure I found something that worked well with my color scheme.

The process was easy.  I was most impressed with how easy my questions were answered through the site regarding the differences in the depth etc.  Customer service was closed, so I referred to the site.

When I  made selection the canvas was listed as  18 x 18.  I needed a decent size.  To my surprise when I received it, it was a 15 x 15.  This was not going to work.  Now, I am not sure if I will hang this on my wall.   Adding another canvas above or below may help.  Looking back I did not notice that 15 x 15 was the fitted size.

As for the canvas itself, I really like it. Although, there is one area were I can see some of the colors that should not be there.  It looks like some sort of droplets, or something.  I do not know how to describe it.  I have compared it to the picture on the site.  Even if I had not compared them, it is obvious this discrepancy should not be there.

I liked the quality of the canvas, it is pretty thick.  I have ordered canvas prints from other places and I must say this is good quality.  The colors are not faint.

Fulcrum does have quick turnaround, I received my package in a timely manner.  Emails were sent out when my order was placed, when it was ready to be shipped with a tracking number.  I was able to track my package until it was delivered.  I have also received follow up emails asking if I was pleased with my purchase.

Disclosure: Product/compensation was received for review.
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Fara%2BBell%2B-%2BTouches%2Bof%2BFall%2BI Fulcrum Gallery Review - Art Print Canvas