Freedom Friday – Teaching My Son Common Expressions

Sometimes I forget my son has a lot to learn.  While I was driving and he was in the backseat of the car.  He was trying to manipulate me by trying to figure out something without being direct.  I knew exactly what he was doing so I said, “I can see right through you.”  He says, “Oh yeah….if you can see right through me, what do you see inside of me?”  This kid really thought he was asking me something.  I then tell him, “It’s an idiom.”  He says, “So you cannot see through me.”  He should know by now that he can’t pull the wool over my eyes and I know everything.  We will have to expand on his learning of common sayings.

I have an older child, and similar situations like this have happened.  It is so easy to forget that at nine years old there a lot of things he has to learn.  I often take it for granted that he is still a little guy in this big world.

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Happy Friday!!

Don’t be afraid to be free!!!