Paint and Sip Los Angeles – Art Class and Wine Glass

Paint%2Band%2BSip Paint and Sip Los Angeles - Art Class and Wine Glass

Paint and Sip Studio  did more than meet my expectations.  My friend Angie and I had so much fun!  I have been telling everyone about this paint studio.  While telling them about it, I have to whip out my phone and show them a picture of my master piece.

I am not good at drawing or painting.  After this girls night out, I think I may have a new interest.  My son thinks I am so awesome and I should start painting and my daughter continues to infer that my eyes are deceiving me and my painting is not that good.  I think she is jealous she did not come.

The evening began with Angie complaining that I do not drink.  I did not care, because I had my apple cider.  If she wanted something to drink, she should have brought what she wanted.  She did question the BYOB, because her friends had gone to other painting studios and drinks were provided.  When we arrived at Paint and Sip she realized the other studios offered pictures that you trace and paint.  Now, I believe studios that  provide the drinks they are on a lesser scale if you ask me.  Who wants to trace a picture?

The group for our night was awesome and we had a great instructor.  He provided us with a great music selection.  He had something for everybody.  He was attentive, encouraging, detailed, and funny.  Every time he would tell me I was doing good, I wanted to say, “Stop fibbing, I know you see what I see.”  By the time we left the studio and with his many compliments, I think we all left there feeling like true artists.

Paint%2Band%2BSip Paint and Sip Los Angeles - Art Class and Wine Glass

Our featured painting was Strarry Night over the Rhone.  Everyone was excited about painting this.  The class was so much fun.  There was a full on party in this studio, people were painting and sipping.  The music was getting to some of us as well as the drinks.  It was funny to watch the people that had too many sips.  I could not wait to see how their paintings were going to turn out.  They did surprisingly well.  Let me just mention they were not out of control they were just hilarious.

It seemed that we all could not wait to get to use the black paint.  When the time came, we were applauding, but quickly learned using black paint is hard.  Needless to say, our paintings turned out nice.  There were different variations of Starry Night over the Rhone, but in our eyes it looked just like the original.  Our proud instructor had us go to the lobby and take a group photo.  I just loved this part.

Here is my painting next to the instructors.  I bet you cannot tell which is his. LOL!!!

Paint%2Band%2BSip Paint and Sip Los Angeles - Art Class and Wine Glass

Can you believe all of this was covered in about three hours.  I had so much fun. I did not realize we had been there all that time.  I really enjoyed my experience at Paint and Sip.

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