Freedom Friday – Embarrassing Stories

Have you ever been so embarrassed by your actions that you cannot wait to tell someone close to you? Well this week, I received a text from my daughter, while she was in class.  The text read,” Sooo I just walked into class and farted.  Soooo embarrassing.  I literally just died.”  My response, ” OMG!  I always tell you about burping and passing gas.  You will learn.”  Let me just tell you, I was cringing when I saw the word, “fart”  That is a word I just cannot say.  Moving on….

When I finally had a chance to speak with her later that day, she told me the class was in a lecture hall and she was certain that the entire first three rows heard it.  She said, she continued to walk and once she reached her seat she just laughed.  She asked, “What was I supposed to do?”  I told her, “How about say excuse me.”  She was so embarrassed the thought of excusing herself was lost.

For years I have told her it is important to be a lady at all times.  She has always told me, that she will be a lady when she is out.  Well, if she had listened to me, she would not have embarrassed herself in class.  What a way to start of the school year.  She walked in with a bang!

Don’t be afraid to be free!!!

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