SpeedZone Review – go karts southern california

race%2Bcar SpeedZone Review - go karts southern california

My family has a need for speed.  While visiting SpeedZone, our competitive sides were definitely revealed along with our amazing racing abilities.  We invited our cousin and he swears that he beat us in everything.  I think not…

We had the CHAMP – 4 HOUR PLAY PASS that includes:

$34.99 per person online (Over $80 value)
Includes: 4 Hours of Unlimited Racing (Slick, Turbo, Grand Prix, Lil Thunder), Mini Golf & Video Games PLUS 3 Runs on Top Eliminator Dragsters. Excludes redemption/prize & StrikeZone bowling. Height restrictions apply. No substitutions allowed. Purchases must be redeemed in 30 days or order will be cancelled. Card activation fee may apply. Valid at SpeedZone Los Angeles only. NO REFUNDS once purchased. Available online only.  

race%2Bcar SpeedZone Review - go karts southern california

Let me just tell you my family loved the Dragster.  I have never experienced anything like it before.

You’ll fire from the line, shifting and accelerating your way from 0-70 MPH in 3.5 heart-pounding seconds! All the thrills of racing an NHRA Top Fuel Dragster, plus head-to-head competition. That’s right, six heart-stopping, propane-fueled, 300 horsepower racing machines that go 0-70 in less than 3.5 seconds and pull 2.5 G-forces. The trick is to be on the accelerator when the third yellow light goes out. If you wait to see the green light, you’re toast. 

I could not believe it when my son and daughter took their turn.  My little boy shot out ahead of everyone, he was fearless!  He kept cheering and screaming.  What was going on?  There was one child, my sons age that got to the front of the line and backed out.  I do not blame him, from the looks of it is intimidating.  I contimplated, backing out as well,  but did not.  It was so much fun!!!

There are race cars for all ages.  We did get on everything and also found time to dine at Johnny Rockets that is inside of SpeedZone.  Our waitress was so nice.  She made sure we were taken care of and offered great conversation.  

race%2Bcar SpeedZone Review - go karts southern california
My son thought he would make a funny face.

After our day of racing and a little food we did venture off to the arcade.  We did not make over to mini golf, but that was fine.  All we wanted to do was race.   

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Don’t be afraid to be free!!!

race%2Bcar SpeedZone Review - go karts southern california