Good2grow Review – Nutritious Drinks For Kids

good2grow Good2grow Review - Nutritious Drinks For Kids

Just this morning as my son was rushing out for summer camp, he asked could he have a bottle of good2grow before he set out for his day of fun.

He has been drinking good2grow for a couple of months now and really likes it.   I was not too sure if he would want like the character sip top, but when we went to the store, he was excited about the variety of characters to choose from.   We also picked out characters for our house guests for when they came over, so we selected characters for boys and girls.  My son’s favorites are Spider Man and Phineas.  My concern should have not been, if my 8 year old son would like them , but if my 19 year old daughter would want one. When she saw these she took one of the single serve juices with the character she liked, I think it was Spongebob, really…..  It was not just the character, but she is always on the go and needs something that is spill proof.  But, do not get me wrong she is keeping her inner child alive, she really liked the character top.   Yes, these sip tops are spill proof.  

My son has always loved juice and I usually purchase all natural juices.  Good2grow has no added sugar, is non GMO, has no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. We have tried the fruit juice and fruit and veggie blend and my family likes them both.

good2grow Good2grow Review - Nutritious Drinks For Kids

Recently we had guest over and gave them a bottle of good2grow.  The true test was when we gave a bottle to a 18 month old.   I really wanted to see how well the drink would hold up.  There was no spillage.  I wanted to see, because my son had been taking a bottle to his school that is a green school.  We are not allowed to throw anything away.  He tried explaining to his teacher that the top was to be used on refill bottles and it does not spill. Needless to say, she did not believe him.  I continued to send him to school with it.  I am guessing she finally realized the drink did not spill.

From what I have seen, babies, kids and young adults love good2grow.  It is a healthy fun drink.

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good2grow Good2grow Review - Nutritious Drinks For Kids