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Sometimes we take our health for granted and do not find time for well checkups.  Although, I do not have Molina Healthcare, as my healthcare provider, they try to keep their members healthy and informed. Molina is led by the Molina family, yes I did say family.  A family that cares about you and your family by offering low cost medical insurance.

This past March, I was hit with a healthcare scare and wished many times over that I was on top of my well checkups.  It is not a difficult task, but I let life get in the way and found myself in the hospital.   I have been anemic all of my life and am supposed to take my iron pills and eat food high in iron.  I do eat very healthy and I exercise.  Well,  after having my son 9 years ago, my anemia worsened and when the doctor told my I may have to start receiving blood transfusions.  I opted to not get my well check ups as often.  I thought I would do things my way and I failed miserably.   The day I was rushed to emergency my hemoglobin was at a low 6, in which it should be at 12.  I initially came to emergency, because I was experiencing stomach pains, in which we later found out was a bleeding ulcer.   I took my life for granted.  I have two children that need me and I did not take time to get my well check ups and here I was in the hospital and later under a doctors care for 2 months.  This could have been prevented.

If you are failing to get your well checkups for whatever reason, you may want to head over to the Molina Healthcare site and get on track.

Molina Healthcare works closely with you and your family to ensure you are staying healthy from year to year. Based on your age, well checkups may include the following:

  • Immunizations (Shots)
  • Physical Exam
  • Height/Weight/Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Lead Screenings
  • Vision and Hearing
  • Dental Screenings
  • Developmental/Behavioral Screenings
  • Well Woman Services
    (Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer and STD/STI Screenings)
  • Health Education
  • Medications Review
Checkups can make sure you are in good health. They can also make sure your child is growing and developing well. Seeing your provider for a checkup can also help find health problems early. Health problems that are found early can be treated to keep the problem from getting worse.

 Based on your age and gender, your provider will do different screenings and tests. He or she may also perform other screenings and tests if you are feeling symptoms.
It is important to work with your provider to make sure all of your health care needs are met. You may want to talk to your provider about:

  • Physical health
  • Safety in your home
  • Nutrition and diet
  • Mental health (i.e. stress, depression)
  • Physical activity
  • Sleep habits
  • Drug, alcohol or tobacco use
I am hoping my story is a reality check for many of you.  Do not take your life for granted.  Head over to Molina Healthcare and see what they have to offer.
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