The Other Woman on Blu Ray and DVD July 29th – The Other Woman 2014

the+other+woman The Other Woman on Blu Ray and DVD July 29th - The Other Woman 2014

The DVD release THE OTHER WOMAN is July 29th, 2014, starring Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton and Nicki Minaj.

I wanted to see this film.  Although, I missed it while it was in theaters, I cannot wait to see it in the comfort of my own home.  After seeing the previews I had every intention of going to see the movie while it was in theaters but I missed it.  I am now looking forward to seeing this film on DVD.  I think I may have to invite some of my girls over to watch this as well.  I am expecting to laugh uncontrollably.  

Just in case you need to know what the film is about,  here is the synopsis:

A devious husband strikes up an extramarital romance with a single lawyer and is found out when the she accidentally meets his wife during a surprise visit to the philanderer’s home. Unbeknownst to him, the women form a friendship without first confronting him. Shortly after joining forces, the duo becomes a trio set on revenge when the two women meet a third woman he’s also been involved with. Antics ensue as the determined women remain steadfast in their quest to get even.

Now tell me,  don’t you think this is going to be a great film?

 Do not forget to pick up your copy of The Other Woman on July 29th!

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