Coppertone Summer Essentials- Suncare Products

coppertone Coppertone Summer Essentials- Suncare Products

This summer my family is using Coppertone.

The 4th of July just recently passed and we definitely needed to apply our sunscreen that day.  Summer has officially been kicked into high gear. While you’re enjoying the three summertime s’s (surf, sun, and sand), don’t forget the sunscreen!

During your prep for holiday barbeques and family beach trips, it’s important to remember that suncare is the ultimate summertime essential. The Coppertone closet is brimming with sunscreen classics to protect your family from the sun’s harmful rays this summer. See below for a few offerings:

·         Coppertone Kids Tear-Free Lotion: Specially formulated to protect and keep children’s skin soft and smooth. The ultra-gentle, tear free formula won’t sting or irritate eyes, perfect for summertime activities.
·         Coppertone WaterBABIES Pure & Simple Lotion: The #1 pediatrician-recommended product, specially formulated to provide broad spectrum protection for a baby’s delicate skin. The gentle, moisturizing formula is an essential for your water baby.   
Additionally, Coppertone recently launched its second year of its Making the Sunscreen Grade program to provide parents with the tools and resources needed to protect children from the sun. 

My son has been taking his bottle of  Coppertone Kids Tear- Free Lotion everyday to summer camp.  It has been working well for him.   He needs to learn to rub it in long enough, because is skins looks purple if he does not.  But, other than that, it is working well for him.  At first he wanted a spray sunscreen, but is okay with the lotion.  

My 19 year old daughter that suffers from eczema is using the Coppoertone WaterBabies Pure & Simple Lotion.  Her skin is a bit sensitive write now.  She has had some break outs and is very cautious about what sunscreen she uses.  Actually she was not wearing any on a regular basis until now and loves it.  She says her skin is beginning to feel soft and smooth.  This is a great moisturizer for sensitive skin. 
Many of us use sunscreen only during the summer months or when you are in the sun, etc., but my son and I use it year around.  I even apply sunscreen at night.  I do this because, two years ago I thought I was getting age spots, but it turns out they were sun spots.  Now my dark spots are now gone and I diligently apply sunscreen.  I have also used some of the Coppertone Kids Tear-Free Lotion and I like.  I think these products can be used for the entire family.

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coppertone Coppertone Summer Essentials- Suncare Products