The Honest Company’s Launch at Target with Jessica Alba

Jessica+Alba The Honest Company's Launch at Target with Jessica Alba

Last Wednesday, I attended the Honest Company’s Launch at Target.

Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan created the Honest Company because they care about helping families.  They want to make a difference in the lives of all families around them.  By providing effective, safer, stylish and affordable products and services that promote a happier and healthier world.  The Honest Company’s products are non-toxic, healthier and green.

Jessica+Alba The Honest Company's Launch at Target with Jessica Alba

I wish The Honest Company existed 20 years ago, when I had my daughter and had to deal with eczema and asthma.  Although, she is a young adult she has tried the Honest Healing Balm, face and body wash and toothpaste.  The products are good for the entire family.  When I tried the toothpaste I looked down at my toothbrush, because I thought I was using the wrong toothbrush.  I was not expecting the smooth texture and great taste.

During the launch Jessica took time to make a bib with customers.  It seems as though she and Christopher want to be in tune with what the customers want.  Christopher shared an incident that occurred earlier in the day with a customer.  The customer called in and needed to pay for her monthly order, but she had a bill to pay and her child needed the products.  The representative that was helping her, informed Christopher of the situation and Christopher said, to send the products to her, she really needed the products and they did not want the child to go without.  The Honest Company gets it!  I am sure they are not just handing out products, but they are understanding their consumers by offering great products and great customer service.

Jessica+Alba The Honest Company's Launch at Target with Jessica Alba

As customers shopped or made bibs they were given samples of Honest Healing Balm, Honest Hand Soap, Honest Face and Body Lotion Honest Multi-Surface Cleaner, Honest Shampoo and Body Wash and Honest Toothpaste.

Jessica+Alba The Honest Company's Launch at Target with Jessica Alba

I had not tried some of the products and have now been able to use the sample/travel size for my son this summer while he goes to summer camp.  He likes them because he can just put whatever he is carrying in his backpack and it does not take up too much room.  He is also concerned if he is using things that are good for him, so he wins full circle.  I, like many people like the convenience of the travel size, because it ensures everyday use for people on the go.  When asked if they were going to incorporate more travel size products, I was under the impression there has many discussions and they are leaning towards doing so.

The Honest Company is growing at rapid speeds and they are trying to continue the personal approach.  Just this morning I was speaking with the owner of my son’s summer camp and she mentioned that she uses Honest products for her family.   After she was telling me she uses the laundry detergent, I could not wait to tell her I attended the Target launch.   I understand why they are having rapid growth.  People are using the products and spreading the word about the Honest Company.

Disclosure: Product/compensation was received in exchange for review.
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Jessica+Alba The Honest Company's Launch at Target with Jessica Alba


  1. So glad that you got to attend this event! It looked fun & Jessica Alba is so pretty. My daughter had eczema when she was younger as well & would have benefited from these products. So glad they are on the market at TARGET. Love that store!!

  2. Thank you for sharing and thanks for stopping by! I love Target as well. Now, I have another reason to go there.

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