Viola Davis and Hunger Is – Helping Hungry Children #violadavis, #hungerismamrazzi @eifoundation

Viola+Davis Viola Davis and Hunger Is - Helping Hungry Children #violadavis, #hungerismamrazzi @eifoundation

I do not think there was a dry eye in the room, as Viola Davis shared her story of being hungry as a child and her involvement with the  organization Hunger Is.

As a child Viola had to attend school hungry.  She said, she was the girl that stole, ate from the garbage and made friends with people that she knew had food in their homes.  She recalled falling asleep during her SAT examine because she was so hungry.  Clearly she has overcome these obstacles and is able to share her experience, inspire and motivate others and get others to help others in need.

Viola Davis was an example of what children face on a daily basis.  Hunger is not only in what is considered poor or underprivileged areas, it exists everywhere, even in upper and middle class suburbia.

Viola+Davis Viola Davis and Hunger Is - Helping Hungry Children #violadavis, #hungerismamrazzi @eifoundation

Prior to attending this event, I have seen and read stories about the school system trying to come up with a solution to provide food for children during the off months.  Many of us have not considered that children that do not have food at home rely on eating food at school.   Wow….I thought of my children and how blessed they are.   I then thought of the children that do not have food to eat and my heart broke into a million pieces.  Talking about food for thought….Viola stated that one meal a day is not enough.  She is absolutely right.  Something needs to be done.

The Hunger Is mission is to eradicate childhood hunger in America and improve health-health related outcomes for hungry children and their families.

The Safeway Foundation and the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) have come together to launch Hunger Is, a joint charitable program designed to raise awareness, engage volunteers and raise funds in support of our mission to eradicate childhood hunger in America.
Funds raised through the program, both online and in Safeway’s family of stores during the month of April, will go toward innovative and effective programs throughout the country focused on eliminating childhood hunger. During the inaugural year, breakfast programs will be the main focus, providing children with a healthy start to their day and the best chance to excel.

My family and I have volunteered, feed the hungry and have donated to the needy.  But after learning more about Hunger Is.  My since of giving has been elevated to new heights.

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Viola+Davis Viola Davis and Hunger Is - Helping Hungry Children #violadavis, #hungerismamrazzi @eifoundation