Castle Rock Water Company- Castle Rock Water Review

Castle+Rock+Water Castle Rock Water Company- Castle Rock Water Review

For the past three years my daughter has been urging me to purchase alkaline water.  When I brought home Castle Rock Water, she was more than thrilled, because I am now hooked!!!

I can understand why Castle Rock Water is 2014 Best Bottled Water Winner.

I am very particular when it comes to what water I am going to drink.  Not all water is desirable to my pallet.  But, this premium mountain spring water did more than quench my thirst.  Castle Rock has a smooth texture.  Although taste is important there are many benefits to drinking Castle Rock:

·         Natural filtration: Castle Rock water is purified by geotic means, flowing over Mt. Shasta’s layers of granite, gem infused rock, gold and green jade.
·     Uncompromised purity:  From glacier to glass, gravity is the only mode of transport that moves water from mountaintop to a state-of-the-art FDA-approved bottling facility, where it remains untouched to ensure premium quality. 
·     Eco-friendly: Packaged in easily-recyclable glass bottles since its inception in 1889, Castle Rock Water Company constantly strives to adopt and implement green innovations and technologies to help reduce their carbon footprint and improve the earth.
·    Community-minded philanthropy: Castle Rock Water donates partial proceeds to global water relief organizations in addition to donating 5% of sales back to the community of Dunsmuir to simulate the local economy.
·    Hydration options: Castle Rock Water comes in a variety of sizes, including 500 milliliter and one liter bottles ideal for on-the-go, or in 3 gallon jugs, perfect for home or office use.

     Castle Rock encourages water drinkers to use their water for cooking as well.  I have been guilty of using faucet water.  I ask myself why would I do that when I do not like the taste and I do not drink it.  At this event we were served D’Amore’s Pizza and the pizza was prepared with Castle Rock Water.  D’Amore’s uses Castle Rock for making all of their pizzas.  They have had bad experiences with other water when preparing their dough.  Who knew….After hearing this, I began to look at the way I prepare foods moving forward.   

Castle+Rock+Water Castle Rock Water Company- Castle Rock Water Review
      Castle Rock may have the best bottled water, but they have a genuine desire and passion to give us the best water available.  They have some of the best staff.  Such warm people.  I love when people have a passion for something that is important to them and can benefit others.   Feeling and  hearing the passion intrigued me even more.  I believe Castle Rock Water is made with a lot of love. I was impressed with the water, but I was more than impressed by the back story of Castle Rock Water and Shasta Water.  Not only is my family now drinking Castle Rock Water, we plan to visit Shasta Springs.  I have to see this natural resource of water.

      Castle Rock is available in flat and sparkling.  I am drinking both. 


      Disclosure: Product/Compensation was received in exchange for review.

Don’t be afraid to be free!!!

Castle+Rock+Water Castle Rock Water Company- Castle Rock Water Review