Annie’s Frozen Entree Review

Annie Annie's Frozen Entree Review

I love Annie’s products and was eager to try the New Annie’s Frozen Entree.  Since it was family size I tried to get something the entire family would like.  We sampled Shells and White Cheddar with Chicken.

The portion size was small for an entree.  I decided to have salad with it.

The directions was very easy to follow.  I placed it in the oven, let it cook, stirred it a little and when it was done I removed it from the oven.

Annie Annie's Frozen Entree Review

The sauce seemed a bit watery.  My daughter opted to not eat any.  I tried it and did not like the taste.  It was rather bland.  I could not get past the watery consistency.  I placed it back in the oven, but that did not help.  My son initially seemed to like it.  He does not like to express that he does not like things.  He ate it for dinner and then I asked him would he like to take some for lunch, he said yes.  He went to school the next and his pasta was warmed for him.  He did not eat it.  When I checked his lunch box and asked him, why he did not eat his pasta, he said, “I am sorry, I did not like it.”  This child loves pasta.  It is a general consensus, my family did not like Annie’s frozen entree.

Annie’s products are considered to be healthy and we usually enjoy them.  I just think the frozen entree was not for us, but I am sure there are families out there that loved Annie’s frozen entrees.

Disclosure:  Product/compensation was received in exchange for review.

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Annie Annie's Frozen Entree Review