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bps800_bedpad_wings_wearever_rgb_924x1078 Wearever 10% Off Coupon Code - Total Incontinence

I wanted to review Wearver incontinence mattress pad protector with wings, because I sometimes have young visitors over to my home and I want our beds to be protected.  I also want something light weight that works and does not embarrass them as well.  

A couple of weeks ago, my mattress pad was put to the test.  One of my little visitors had an accident. Initially I was concerned about my pillow top mattress, but when I pulled back my sheets and saw the mattress pad was in tact, I felt slightly relieved.  It had not moved and the pad was wet.  The relieve did not come until I removed the incontinence mattress pad and my mattress was dry.  Woot Woot!!! 

When I saw the pad on the Weaver website, I thought of elderly people, but a light bulb went off in my head and I immediately thought of the accidents young children have and I was hoping this pad would help me.  

The mattress pad with wings surface is soft and comfortable while protecting from wetness. It is complete with large, fabric wings to help secure the pad in place. It is washable and reusable making it far more economical than disposable bed pads used for incontinence.  I washed my pad immediately and it did not shrink and remained very soft.  I will be able to reuse it many times.

The bed pad is 36 inches by 32 inches with three layers of protection. The 19 inch long wings attached to either side of the bed pad are long enough to tuck under one side of a bed or both (if twin or hospital type bed). The wings tuck under the mattress and prevent the pad from slipping or moving.

The top layer of the bed pad is made from an 80/20 cotton/polyester blend called IBEX. This top layer is quilted to a top quality, 8 ounce poly soaker which holds the moisture. The third, and bottom layer, is the moisture proof layer; it is made from a knitted, vinyl, barrier fabric. The bed pad is finished with double bound edges for a long life of many washings.

This amazing mattress pad will hold up to 60 ounces of liquid.

Wearever products have worked very well for me and my loved ones.  We have tried both the mattress pad and the diabetic socks.  I am confident that you will like their products as well.

I am also sharing a 10% off coupon code: 10OFF which is good for 10% off my readers’ orders.

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bps800_bedpad_wings_wearever_rgb_924x1078 Wearever 10% Off Coupon Code - Total Incontinence