Cow Wow Cereal Milk – Cow Wow Milk Review

Cow+Wow Cow Wow Cereal Milk - Cow Wow Milk Review

Last month Cow Wow Cereal Milk came in handy for our family trip to Big Bear.  While staying in the cabin I wanted to pack convenient food items and Cow Wow was one of the best things I could have packed.

My son opted to drink it during our drive, when we arrived and when he was just busy do whatever it was he was doing.  We have not added to his cereal or any other foods, but I am sure he would like that way as well.

I am happy that he likes to drink milk that is so good for him.  I try to limit his sugar.  So, I  am very comfortable with him drinking Cow Wow.   I also like that it comes in variety of flavors.  My 19 year old daughter wanted to try the chocolate flavor, but she was too late, someone had already drank it.  See below….

Cow+Wow Cow Wow Cereal Milk - Cow Wow Milk Review

When we returned home and I wanted to read more about Cow Wow, I was so excited when I saw the article where Jimmy Kimmel said, “Cow Wow tastes like heaven.”  Okay…Jimmy Kimmel said it tastes like heaven, so it has to be good, right?  Well with my son and Jimmy Kimmel giving it thumbs up, I am confident I am giving my family something good.  Well here are the facts:

Sugar hides in almost every item of food or drink we consume. Many people don’t realize that even things they assume are healthy, such as 100% juice, are actually loaded with sugar, some as much as 52g. Cow Wow has less grams of sugar than most 100% juice, is low-fat, kosher, gluten free, all-natural and organic is Cow Wow Cereal Milk. This healthier option for kids and adults tastes like the bottom of a bowl of cereal, but has half the grams of sugar than white grape juice and is lowering the sugar content even more. Cow Wow can be sipped individually or add a splash to foods such as pancakes, waffles or hot chocolate for an added treat. 

I am glad I was able to take Cow Wow Cereal Milk with us on our trip.  The milk boxes was very convenient and my son loved the drink.  

Disclosure: Product/compensation was received in exchange for review.

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Cow+Wow Cow Wow Cereal Milk - Cow Wow Milk Review