Disney Nature’s Bears Premiers April 18, 2014, Earth Day

My family is still talking about Disney Nature’s Bears.  This movie was incredible.  I cannot tell you how many people I have told about this movie after seeing it.   We loved it!!!!

Having a son and a daughter of my own, it was interesting to see how Sky nurtured her two babies.  Yes, I am speaking of bears.  t was amazing to see that parenting for bears is not too different from that of a human.  From the moment the cubs were born we witnessed the unconditional love between a mother and her children.  As they embarked on their one year, true life, journey as winter came to end and the bears came out of hibernation into ice cold weather. We were drawn in by the playful tendencies and differences of male and female children, the struggles the family faced, the hard work they had to do on a daily basis and the protection they provided for one another.

By the time spring and summer arrived and we knew the family had to work hard to find food (salmon) we were routing them.  I only know this because, when the movie was over, my son and daughter expressed how they were so hopeful for the bears.

Although, this a G-rated film about bears, I was on the edge of my seat, smiling most of the time, teary eyed during other times and my heart was filled as well.

The Alaskan backdrop was amazing.  Being a nature person made this was a perfect film for me. This is definitely a film you do not want to miss.  Disney’s Bears is a great movie for the entire family.  I found there is a little bear in all of us.   Happy Earth Day everyone.  Go see Disney Nature’s Bears!!!

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12 Disney Nature's Bears Premiers April 18, 2014, Earth Day