Wonki Wands Review-Giant Bubbles

Wonki+Wands Wonki Wands Review-Giant Bubbles

“Wow!  What is that?”, “Where did you get that?”, “I am going to have to get one for my niece!”, “My son will love it?”  These are the questions and comments that people had, while my son and I were outside playing with our new Wonki Wand, yesterday afternoon.

I cannot think of anyone that does not love bubbles.  Having the Wonki Wand has drawn attention to us in our neighborhood and on Facebook.  I posted the above picture on my Facebook wall and some of my friends where asking what was the brand.  I just love being the first to share something new and interesting with people.

I do not know how many times I have wished to be able to blow big bubbles.  With the Wonki Wand you do not have to blow or spin your body hard to get the bubbles going.   Before taking the wand outside, I read the instructions, but just to make sure I was doing it correctly I watched the below video.

After pouring the special Wonki bubble sauce in our container, we carefully dipped the wand and yarn, tips first into the sauce until strings were completely wet.  After carefully pulling it out of the container, my son began to walk backwards and expand his harms and the biggest bubble we were ever able to make on our own was formed.

Wonki+Wands Wonki Wands Review-Giant Bubbles

We were outside making humongous bubbles for about 45 minutes.  While making the bubbles we had be very careful to not let the strings get tangled in the container.   I had to remind my son a few times.  He finally understood what I meant after he began dipping the wand quickly and it got tangled.  We had to take the time to untangle it and then he discovered the time we spent fixing the wand, could have been spent blowing bubbles.  It was not hard to undo, it just took a little time, because the yarn had a lot of suds from the bubble sauce.  There is also a little latch to help straighten it out as well.

The sauce that is used is awesome!  It is not like regular bubbles, it seems to be a little thicker and is sticky. This not the watered down version of bubbles.  This is the real deal.

I cannot wait to take our Wonki Wand out again.  I did not get a chance to use, but I enjoyed watching my son.  I was just there to give him direction and filling the container with bubble sauce.  We are hoping to be more creative with our wand.  Since it was his first time, he only walked backwards and tried getting inside of a couple of his bubbles.

Wonki Wands are fun for the entire family, a good way to pass time and is a great conversation piece.  We met people that we had never seen before in our neighborhood.  We love our new Wonki Wand!!!

Disclosure:  Product/compensation was received in exchange for review.

Don’t be afraid to be free!!!

Wonki+Wands Wonki Wands Review-Giant Bubbles