TCBY Frozen Yogurt Review- Vegan Yogurts

TCBY+Vegan TCBY Frozen Yogurt Review- Vegan Yogurts

TCBY and Silk Almond Milk have come together to create the first ever full vegan, dairy-free vanilla frozen yogurt.

Yesterday my family and I sampled both of the vanilla and chocolate Fro-Yo with toppings of coconut, almonds, and pecans.

My family loves yogurt and we drink Silk Almond Milk periodically.  We were very interested in seeing what these two popular brands have come up with, that is after we could finally agree on which flavor each of us would try.  We received two samples of each flavor and everyone wanted the same flavor.  After we got around that, I personally sampled vanilla and added all of the toppings.  Lately, dairy-free has been a great alternative for me.  I liked the smooth, silky texture of this yogurt.   I had to remind myself that it was not thick because it was non dairy.  The flavor was good, it was not too sweet I really liked it, especially with my toppings, but I could have eaten without the toppings.

My son and daughter liked it as well.  My son was the odd man out, he wanted vanilla, but ended up getting chocolate.  He and my daughter both ate there yogurt without toppings.  My daughter liked hers, my son said he liked it, but has not finished eating his yet, he put it the freezer and said he would eat it later.

TCBY+Vegan TCBY Frozen Yogurt Review- Vegan Yogurts

Sampling this new TCBY vegan yogurt came at the right time.  The winds have been very heavy and pollen and allergy season is starting out bad for my family.  My daughter suffers from asthma and likes to eat ice cream or yogurt and we look for a variety of yogurt.  This is the time of year she is limited to what she can eat.  I was happy to see her enjoying her Fro Yo.

The partnership of  TCBY and Silk Almond Milk is a great union.   Healthier treat options are awesome!  I ate my yogurt guilt free and my portion was perfect.

Disclosure:  Product/compensation was received in exchange for review.

Don’t be afraid to be free!!!

TCBY+Vegan TCBY Frozen Yogurt Review- Vegan Yogurts